Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A few years later, From Paolo to PupOH

Paolo is now a four year old dog but will forever be a puppy in my eyes. In these past years Paolo has seen the best and worst of me and loved me all the same. He watched me become an almost wife and a mother.

The day we brought home baby was a day I was very proud of Paolo. Firstly, I had been gone for a few days so I knew he was going to be excited to see me. Secondly, I had no idea how he was going to reacted to the sounds and smells of a baby. It was all a little concerning. We arrived home after that long slow journey you take with your first newborn and there he was waiting for us. Already wiggling, I knew this was going to be interesting. Here was the make it or break it moment, when the dog you love like a child either becomes just a dog or stays as a child in your mindset.

We brought baby inside and up the stairs to his room, where he let out a newborn cry. Paolo does not go upstairs, not because he isn't invited he just doesn't like to climb up anything. However, the very second he heard that cry Paolo was at the top of the staircase in a flash. From that moment on Paolo was a changed dog, he was no longer the carefree puppy, he now had a job to do. HE was a big brother, duties including protecting his baby from anyone he didn't know, licking him when he got a chance and making sure I did something when he cried.

A few years later, Paolo is lovingly called "Pup-OH" as the baby (now toddler) calls him.

Paolo and I went from quiet long walks to eventful trips to the playground. From rough housing to stepping lightly and from just the 2 of us to the 4 of us.

Which ever you call him Paolo or Pupoh I couldn't be more proud that he is my puppy, my greatest friend and baby food cleaner upper.

Friday, March 14, 2008

In the Beginning

Hello, I am the owner of a now 8 month old black lab named as you might guess Paolo. I have created this blog to hopefully hear some great stories, meet a few animal lovers, and gain some insight into how to raise a puppy.

For as far back as I can remember I have loved animals. All animals. And for the longest time I have wanted a puppy to call my own. So after research of breeds and many, many, many hours of playing with puppies in pet stores and in friend's homes, always leaving slightly heartbroken, I decided it was time to find a puppy of my own. I even had the name picked out.

In Sept of 2007, I found an advertisement in the local newspaper and went to a lovely family's home just to 'take a look' at the puppies. Standing there I came face to face with 5 black labs playing with each other and the family's children. I knew I could not leave without one of those sweet puppies or better yet all of them. An hour later, I couldn't bring myself to pick just one until I saw my mother holding one mushy puppy. After a few papers were signed, it was official I was now the mommy of a 10 week old puppy. As dorky as this sounds, as I was driving home, I looked over at him and cried a little. Finally, Paolo.